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The Agony releases the 'T.W.S.' music video
Dec 4th 2013 Press release (download version for MS WORD ".doc")

Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. That’s the spirit of the second music video of the female heavy rock band The Agony, who chose the opening song of their debut E.P. "Loud and Furious", T.W.S.. The notional director’s chair was reserved for Allan Subert, a professional filmmaker with exceptional experience.

The Agony appeared on the Czech scene in April 2013, and haven’t stopped going forward since then. In July, they recorded and released their debut EP "Loud and Furious", followed by their first music video for the song "Kick Ass". A month later the band attacked the Czech(and other European) stages. Their second video shoot took place in Novy Bydzov in November 2013, and debuted on December 4th.

„I like 'T.W.S.' it’s the best of our songs and we all knew from the start, that a video would suit it well. We wanted it to come with a distinctive story, so we picked a real pro, Allan Subert", says the guitarist and lead singer, Nikola Kandoussi.

To the question about why did he take up and offer with an unknown band, Allan answered: "I don’t distinguish between a known and an unknown band. If I like the music, I take it."

The storyline of the 'T.W.S.' video is definitely not a soap opera. Via voyeuristic CCTV cameras, we watch a young prostitute making her money for drugs by walking the streets. An observant viewer will notice the main part being cast by the band’s bass player, Katie Skatie: "I really enjoyed the role. The prostitute’s world appeared atractive to me, with a bit of nostalgia to it."

Smaller roles were cast by every member of the band. Can you find them all? Click the link below…

Video link: The Whore Song on YouTube

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