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Amps And Green Screens: The Agony – 689

December 18th, 2017. Mark Ehrlich
Prague, Czech Republic, might not be the place we expect to find some innovative heavy rock, but it has a long, deep history and THE AGONY. The band consists of four ladies, fronted by Nikola “Niky” Kandoussi (vocals/guitar), and they are making waves. Pounding the bass is Katie Skatie, on lead axe is Terka Psencikova and loud and proud on the skins is Martina “Kajda” Balcarova.
RATING: 10/10 (of course)


Aug 1st, 2016 by Femmepower
"Well what we have here from the girls is a bloody excellent no messing good honest rock album, that is well delivered. [...] They have created a great rocking formula for your pleasure, there is certainly room in this market for them and are a very good band and addition to the genre. Really looking forward to hearing more from them.

Livejournal: THE AGONY welcome you to their crazy world

May 17th, 2016. lordwalkiwolf
"Rising band on the Czech rock scene, THE AGONY is composed of four wimin who will rock your socks off with their heavy riffs and grunge vibe. Could they be a Czech version of GIRLSCHOOL?"

Dead Shot Zine: Katie Skatie talks about THE AGONY's latest album and more.

Aug 1st, 2015. Sagnik Karmakar
"Sagnik: ‘Dirty and Dangerous’ will be releasing in a few days and it has got some amazing responses on your youtube channel. Can you share some light on your new album ‘Dirty and Dangerous’ for our readers?"
Katie: How many pages do we have for that…?" ...

Amps And Green Screens: The Agony – Dirty And Dangerous

July 18th, 2015. Mark Ehrlich
"From the needle down, Balcarova shakes the windows with a very fast-paced drum solo followed by the bass intro and the first note from Kandoussi, and the song explodes into a GIRLSCHOOL meets METALLICA marriage in “Let’s Get Wasted”. THE most kick ass song on the LP, it is a great way to remind you of that hangover right away. Absolutely LOVE this song."

Amps And Green Screens:
Rocking Out In Prague With Girlschool And The Agony!!

April 12th, 2015. Mark Ehrlich
"THE AGONY was incredibly full of energy, all sounded at the top of their game, and kicked ass for my first time seeing them. Kudos to all members, no overshadowing, and all took the spotlight when they needed to."

Niky's interview for PodKISSt.com, Feb 2015

Interviewed by the almighty Ken Mills for a very special episode of PodKISSt that has just celebrated 8 years of broadcasting :)

MetalMaidens.com: Loud & Furious EP review

THE AGONY-Loud & Furious (EP) (independent)

THE AGONY hails from Czechia and this EP contains four tracks, that are worthy of sixteen minutes of heavy metal mayhem. The band is very interesting for us, because it is an all-female metal band, which is always asking for some special attention here.
The band consists of Nikola ‘Niky’ Kandoussi on vocals and rhythm guitar, Jarka Cervenáková on drums, Katerina ‘Katie Skatie’ Sýkorová on bass and Tereza Psenciková on guitar.
The first track on this EP has a sober instrumental intro, which leads you to “T.W.S.”, which stand for “The Whore Song”. The production could have been better, but the song rocks out loud. It sounds like a mix between ROCK GODDESS and GIRLSCHOOL, especially in the end this resemblance is very striking. The band also made a video clip for this song.
“Kick Ass” is a great up tempo rocker with a slightly punk feeling, because of the vocals. The guitar solo is fuzzy with a whole lot of wah-wah. They’re really kicking ass on this one.
“Rockin’” is another simple title, which does what it says, it’s a rocking song. It even contains some slower moments.
This doesn’t happen in the flashing EP closer ”Zivel” though. I think, that we hear THE AGONY at their very best here. The natural flow, where the solo starts is mind-blowing and I simply love that song. Jarka impresses in the last few seconds with some nice drum rolls and then the EP is over.
“Loud & Furious” is definitely worth checking out.
[8 points] (Toine van Poorten)

Uber Rock Introduces: The Agony

January 19th, 2014. By Jason Daniel Baker
"Musical genius is difficult to define for even the best of writers. But sometimes when you find a prime example of it the words just come flowing out as fast as you can type. Czech band The Agony are an irresistably engaging phenomenon on the international metal scene. These very savvy and adept performers play their instruments as if they have been attached to their bodies since birth."