The season 2016 has started and we definitely have loads to surpass and extend since we managed to do quite a lot last year – we recorded and released the debut album, played the main stage of a major CZ open air festival, supported Girlschool, Adam Bomb, Loudness and Blaze Bayley, played Germany, launched our CD and put a new video out. Ain’t so bad at all! :)

This year is coming out pretty nicely, too. We can now confirm we’ll be playing Prague’s Vagon club on 28th April to celebrate our third birthday (which means we can already walk, talk and read a bit), we’ve got some festival gigs confirmed for the summer and as for autumn, well… Wait and see, but it’s gonna be massive and seems like we may get ourselves behind the Channel. Where? When? With whom? You’ll find out soon enough.

Apart from that, we’re working hard on some new song and if you want to hear them before they’ll be recorded and released (yes, that’s in cards as well:)), have a look in the Shows section to see where to catch us if you find yourselves in the Czech Republic.

We’re looking forward to it all, see ya!

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