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The season is coming to an end, so it’s pretty much the right time to look back at this year. It came with a lot of great moments and various improvements to our band. So here it is! Enjoy the summary of the most important parts of 2015:

1) Kajda finally came back to us after all her ship-cruising bullcrap. She did so earlier than everyone thought she would, just to get the full-time engagement in the band. And that’s what she really got, because we just didn't want any other drummer.
2) We started two crowdfunding campaigns at Startovac for Czech fans and Pledgemusic for the foreign ones. The goal was to fund our first album, and we succeeded by getting even more money than we wanted. And to this day, we’re still completely blown out of our minds at the thought of it. Once again, thank you all.
3) We played a gig supporting Girlschool. Not only was it Niky’s dream come true, it was also a great evening at a crowded venue, which brought us a lot of new fans and recognition.
4) A promoshoot of our debut album pics, which we already knew by the name of „Dirty and Dangerous.“ That’s where we also got our album cover. It was shot by our favorite director, Allan Subert, in the chambers of ‚BesNet Centrum,‘ our favorite office building. Well, its nuclear shelter, mostly…
5) Recording of our debut album at Studio Hostivar, with the supervision of Zdenek Sikyr and David Pavlik. Instead of getting a full review, let’s reduce to just a few key phrases: Coffee, takeout lunches, coffee, hundreds of takes on Triple Game, tuning, coffee, gang vocals – what the hell -, more new vocals, nighttime mixing sessions, an incredible feeling.
6) Masters of Rock – starting Saturday’s main stage programme with our set at 10 AM. An important, crucial moment of our career - thousands (four and a half, they said) of rockers getting up and coming to see us from the start. It gave us some great experience with a huge stage and audience. If anyone from Pragokoncert or other agency reads this, we’re ready for more of this, and we can do it even better now!
7) Another two shows in Germany. It was as awesome as Germany always is. Kajo, our main export manager, once again gave us a chance to enjoy the best audience we can get, and now Sommer Party and EichKult are slowly but surely becoming a tradition to us. From more news, we also made our debut gig in Slovakia.
8) The Dirty and Dangerous launch party. Quite a recent event, the thought of which still makes us quiver with joy. Crowded venue, great response, Lili Vilit’s support set, our set, and our awesome godfathers – Supice („The Vulturess“ :) ), Standa Rubas, Michal Pavlicek, and Milos Meier. (They’re all famous in Czech, ok? Supice and Milos even joined us onstage, and we enjoyed every single bit of it. The evening also gave birth to a new, unexpected music video for „Waiting.“ Shot and edited by Djamy Kandoussi.
9) Supporting Adam Bomb, Blaze Bayley, Loudness, and Tri Sestry (which are HUGE in Czech). What more can we say – it’s always a great honor and an excellent feeling, opening for musicians of such calibre.
10) YOU GUYS. There’s way more of you than there was a year ago, and we can’t express our gratitude enough. We’re looking forward to the next year with you all, and hope we’ll get somewhere further again. Where to, none of us can tell, but neither could we a year ago. Since we always rock till the end, this year’s last show takes place on the New Year’s eve, and we’re already planning the next season.

A huge thanks to everyone from The Agony!