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How we appeared on six billboards around the South of Bohemia
December 7th, 2013

The Agony and Pila Pasák (which translates to “Pimp sawmill“)… Well how did this get started?

Once upon a rehearsal, Jarka told us about her husband coming home from his way around the south of Bohemia laughing like a horse. He’d seen billboard adverts for the aforementioned Pila Pasák. He advised us to contact the company with a sponsorship request. The owner looked like a guy with some sense of humor, and it seemed that he could possibly like the idea of the "Pimp Sawmill" endorsing a music video about a prostitute at least half as much as we did.

Jarka took the idea quite seriously and immediately got into a discussion with the owner, Mr. Lubos Pasák, putting forth the proposal. Lubos listened to her request, but said no. The sponsorship alone could be far beyond the boundaries, as he’s been having troubles with feminists around Czech and didn‘t want to provoke them – BUT, he did indicate that if we wanted to appear on one of his billboards, we could make a deal.

We paused in surprise for a bit, and started seeking out available information about the sawmill’s PR. On a Czech stream server we came across a video of "cunning adverts" dedicated to Pila Pasák; we saw all of the billboards along with the information about the sawmill taking up the second spot of "The sexist pig" survey. We, emancipated musicians, along with a Sexist pig company? Does that even go together? And oh, girls, look, those models are half naked! We can’t go for that! No, not ever… Or what if we were to appear in ad like this, FULLY DRESSED ONLY, without any vulgar exhibition, without any ambiguous slogans… And with our band logo, so that people would know that we weren’t just some no-name models, but a proper rock band? I mean, he offered us money. We needed money. Well… So we asked Mr. Pasak to meet us, almost sure he wouldn’t agree to our terms.

But Lubos Pasak turned out to be a completely respectable and decent guy. He calmly heard out all of our demands, and to our surprise gave us a nod. His conditions showed very little but at least promised a lot. To be seductive (how do you do that again?), but not vulgar. That one wasn’t such a giant problem with us. So we shook hands on it, and scheduled the photoshoot for autumn.

You might run into the results around the highways in southern Bohemia. We are on six billboards, and in the end, the sawmill has a connection with the music video after all – we financed it with the money we got for the advertisements. They say we’re the most clothed "models" to ever appear on Pila Pasak’s posters; and the first band to ever have had anything to do with them.

So, if you ever drive down to the south of the Czech Republic, you can take a look. But try not to crash, ok?

For AG Niky