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December 4th, 2013

> The video is labeled 'PG-13' (not suitable for children younger than 13) for showing drug abuse, prostitution, and even an inappropriate gesture.

> The shooting took place in the town of Nový Bydzov, on November 23rd, with the approval of the municipal authorities, because the video was perceived as a drug abuse awareness project. :)

> The band scenes were shot in the morning in one of buildings of a tannery which was 2°C ... tops; when you watch the video, however, it looks like we shot it somewhere around the equator. Which is, of course, very, very unfair!

> The other part of the video – the CCTV footage – was shot after a big lunch, when the rest of our actors arrived. Jan Tesar from the band Heavy Passion played the sleazy customer, and the role of the older prostitute was cast to Niky’s mother. For anyone who’d chuckle at that: show us a mother that would do such thing for her child. :D

> In the smaller roles, you can find every member of our band, along with Miriam Coccia, the drummer from Mystify.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in the shooting for a perfect day, and for all the help and support they gave us. You are all great, and we’ve even put your names into the video’s credits. Unfortunately, they weren't shown due to technical problems with the editing software… But here they are:

The Agony – T.W.S. (official music video)
Loud And Furious EP, 2013
Directed, recorded, cut and edited by Allan Subert
Director’s assistant, second camera: Djamy Kandoussi

Nikola Kandoussi
Jarka Cervenáková
Katie Skatie
Terka Psencíková

Katie Skatie
Lada Procházková

Dealer Pavel 'Hlava' Hájek

Annoying customer Jan Tesar

The policemen Martin Rygl, Jarka Cervenáková
The lady with the dog Terka Psencíková
Drunk passer-bys Nikola Kandoussi, Miriam Coccia
The driver Jan Posík

Standa Sýkora
Honza Cervenák
Jirka Marosz
Milon Procházka
Tomás Bodesínský
Josef Hnát
Miroslav a Jana Posíkovi
Pavel Klepac
Ing. Blanka Machácková
Eva Duchnová

The Nový Bydzov municipality (Mgr. Bohumil Orel)
Libor Kobrle – Kobrle Guitars
Lubos Pasák – Sawmill Pasák a.s.
Miloslav Procházka joinery
Leos Ruzicka – Restaurant U Stehlíku
Marián Hudec – EO Computers

And most of all, all the fans of The Agony!

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