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Dear friends, fans and lovers!

We have some news for you about our drummer Jarka who has now decided to take a pause from her musical career due to health and family issues. We swear we didn't fight neither we kicked her drumkit to pieces - she still remains a part of the band, whether we're talking the new material, new band pics and hopefully the new video we're planning to film for the already finished new single 'Give It To Me'.
But on the stage from now on you'll be seeing our brilliant stand-in
Martina 'Kajda' Balcarová
She's blonde, can play drums, plus she likes drinking beer, therefore she's quickly gained our sincere sympathies. Her 1st gig with us will be on Friday, August 1 at Sommerparty in Herborn, Germany; the Czech premiere for her will be on August 9. Come see the way she hits those skins!
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